Chocolate Macaron Easter Nests

Chocolate mini eggs, chocolate ganache and chocolate macaron shells! These chocolate macaron easter nests are a chocolate extravaganza. There really is no such thing as too much chocolate, trust me. I was very kindly gifted some amazing Amedei Toscano Black … Continued

Guylian Spiced Chocolate Tarts

I am a big fan of Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells and I have contributed to their Finishing Touches e-book on a number of occasions. This Festive collection is full of some amazing recipes for you to bake over the Christmas … Continued

Chausson aux Pommes

How is everyone doing? Strange times indeed, but one thing that is for certain, nature hasn’t changed at all despite what is going on around us. The areas where I walk my dog Dylan have carried on as normal this … Continued

Strawberry Sable Breton

This strawberry sable breton came about because I brought some strawberries on special offer for an intended dessert. This however didn’t go to plan and so I was left with a lot of strawberries that needed using up and fast! … Continued

Bakewell Tarts

I made these bakewell tarts because I love them, well anything with frangipane in really. The other reason is because Thomas from Tariette, very kindly hand delivered a package to me, featuring some of their wonderful ingredients sourced from Provence. … Continued

Brockmans Gin Religieuse

I made these Brockmans gin religieuse back in October last year and I just never got round to sharing them on here. It’s not the first time I’ve made religieuse and it won’t be the last, I absolutely love how … Continued

Mint Olive Oil Macarons

These mint olive oil macarons came about because I was reading through William Curley’s book Couture Chocolate and I found a recipe for Rosemary, olive oil ganache. I thought this looked like an interesting recipe and I’d wanted to make … Continued

Lime Eton Mess

Can you believe this Lime Eton Mess is made from leftovers? When I made my Gin & Tonic Layer Cake the curd recipe made more than I needed. I also made meringues to decorate the top of the cake, of which, I … Continued

Mocha Eclairs

I tried so many times to make these mocha eclairs. I even ended up changing the flavour part way through making them. They were originally going to be filled with a chocolate cremeux, however when the first two batches of … Continued

Lemon Bakewell Tart

This lemon bakewell tart feels a bit revolutionary to be honest with you. I did quite a bit of research into bakewell tarts and nearly every recipe blind bakes the pastry. Now if I am going to completely bake a pastry … Continued

Treacle Tart

I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and over this time, I’ve made lots of connections and found some like-minded friends. It’s a great feeling because blogging can sometimes feel a bit daunting, especially when you’re invited to a brand … Continued

Maple & Pecan Palmiers

When I watched last week’s The Great British Bake Off it was patisserie week, so already I was a bit more interested than usual. After watching the whole show I realised I hadn’t attempted any of the recipes they featured. There’s … Continued


Kouign-Amann (pronounced queen amann), is a sugary, buttery pastry from Finistère, Brittany in France. The kouign-amann dates back to 1860 and the literal translation of the Breton words are kouign=cake amann=butter. The recipe resembles a croissant dough, but with less … Continued

Raspberry Eclairs

I love eclairs, well I love choux pastry, I don’t really mind if it’s a raspberry eclair, a bun, a religiuese or a paris-brest. As long as it’s iced and filled with something tasty, I’m pretty happy. I knew that I … Continued

Chocolate Gateau

When I think of France, there are a few things that immediately come to mind, great cheese and wine, the Tour de France and of course patisserie. Over the time I’ve been writing this blog I’m always amazed at how many French … Continued

Blueberry Macarons for Blue Monday

Today is apparently Blue Monday, so we have some blueberry macarons. If you’re anything like me, you’ll instantly think of the New Order song Blue Monday. You would, however be very wrong because Blue Monday is actually a mathematical calculation used … Continued

Honey Mead Chocolate Tart

This honey mead chocolate tart is so delicious and that’s hardly surprising given the amazing ingredients it’s made from. Caprera is an online purveyor of some of the best artisanal produce around, simply place an order for products from multiple small-batch … Continued

Raspberry & Rose Dessert – Godiva’s Chocolate Challenge 2015

The Godiva Chocolate Challenge is a competition held by Godiva to find the nation’s best chocolate dessert. This year Godiva are also raising money for Breast Cancer Now, 10% of every sale from their Mousse Meringue range will go to the charity. … Continued

White Russian Eclairs

The White Russian is a classic cocktail, often considered  a softer option than some of the other cocktails out there. This is probably because of the inclusion of cream and Baileys with a Hint of Coffee, don’t be fooled though, … Continued

Salted Caramel Praline Macarons

I love salted caramel, I think it might actually be my favourite food. I’ve used it a LOT on Patisserie Makes Perfect, this is actually the third time I have featured a salted caramel macaron recipe here. I’ve made it into … Continued

Summer Fruit Tarts #BerriesSaySummer

When Seasonal Berries got in touch and asked me to create a summery dish using British berries for their #BerriesSaySummer campaign I knew immediately what dessert I was going to create. These Summer Fruit Tarts can be made with almost any berry, but … Continued

Lemon Meringue Pie

Have you ever baked something you don’t really like, just because you had an idea in your head of what it would look like and you wanted to try it? Maybe not, maybe it’s just me. I mean I don’t … Continued

Rhubarb & Custard Mille-Feuille

Last week I posted a question on my Facebook Page asking other bakers whether they thought French butter was better for baking with than our British butter. The result was a resounding yes, apparently the amount of water contained in French … Continued

Citrus Posset

I’d heard of possets and seen them on restaurant menus, but I never really knew what they were. The name doesn’t really give any clues either. I came across a recipe for a clementine posset on a fabulous blog I follow … Continued


Recipe: Religieuse (Religious Dreams/Nuns) Level: Intermediate Techniques: Italian Meringue, Choux Pastry, Streusel Pastry, Creme Patissiere Last week I received a copy of a book that I have been waiting a long time for. Philippe Conticini is a world famous pastry chef and his … Continued