Raspberry & Peach White Chocolate Dacquoise + Adagio Teas Giveaway

It hasn’t felt like the weather for iced tea recently, but I made this dessert a while ago, so you’ll have to forgive me for the summery theme, despite the fact we’re now in Autumn. Once you’ve tasted it alongside … Continued

Magic Rock Brewery Macarons & Religieuse + A Giveaway

I have baked a lot with beer on this blog, but these are probably my favourite bakes with my absolute favourite brewery Magic Rock. I love Magic Rock Brewing Co. their branding is fantastic, their beer tastes amazing and their … Continued

Iced Coffee Soufflé and a visit to Le Cordon Bleu London

Back in March, I realised one of the dreams I’ve had since I started this blog. I got to visit Le Cordon Bleu London and attend an evening of cookery hosted there in collaboration with Lavazza and Great Italian Chefs. … Continued

Honey Mead Chocolate Tart

This honey mead chocolate tart is so delicious and that’s hardly surprising given the amazing ingredients it’s made from. Caprera is an online purveyor of some of the best artisanal produce around, simply place an order for products from multiple small-batch … Continued

Rose & Raspberry Meringue Nests – Lindt Easter Giveaway

It’s nearly Easter, which means a long weekend off work, lots of chocolate, hot cross buns, bunny rabbits and Easter chicks. I decided to celebrate Easter by making these meringue nests (the nest is the loose Easter connection) and hosting … Continued

Patisserie Makes Perfect’s 1st Birthday Giveaway

  It’s been a year already! Happy 1st Birthday Patisserie Makes Perfect! Well that went fast, my plan was to write this blog for a year and then move on to something else. Only I didn’t expect to enjoy myself … Continued

Paris-Brest – LV Giveaway

I’ve made Paris-Best on the blog before and it was reasonably successful, but I’d always wanted to try it again. Liverpool Victoria Insurance gave me the perfect excuse to repeat this recipe when they provided me with a cycle safety kit to … Continued

My Version of Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV Dessert

This recipe has been sat in my browser favourites / bookmarks for quite some time, ever since I first saw the recipe on Sous Chef. The Louis XV dessert is so called because it is served at Le Louis XV … Continued

Macarons & Madeleines

Since beginning this blog, I have discovered a plethora of suppliers and resources that exist online, for a list of sites I recommend, have a look at my links page. One of the sites that stands out is Sous Chef, this is my go to site … Continued

Eclairs – Patisserie Maison Giveaway

I have another new book! My collection of patisserie books is rapidly expanding and the list of things I want to bake is increasing faster than I can make them. This new book is Patisserie Maison by Richard Bertinet, a … Continued


Recipe: Religieuse (Religious Dreams/Nuns) Level: Intermediate Techniques: Italian Meringue, Choux Pastry, Streusel Pastry, Creme Patissiere Last week I received a copy of a book that I have been waiting a long time for. Philippe Conticini is a world famous pastry chef and his … Continued

Salted Caramel Macarons

Recipe: Macarons au Caramel Beurre Salé (Macarons with Salted Caramel) Level: Intermediate Techniques: Italian Meringue, Caramel Macarons, or mini hamburgers, as one of my taste testers dubbed them, have become a colourful icon of the patisserie world. They were around before the hype of … Continued