Charcoal & Blood Orange Cronuts

I’ve made cronuts a couple of times on the blog and by now almost anyone that considers themselves a ‘foodie’ must know what a cronut is, regardless of whether they’ve eaten one! For anyone that doesn’t though, it’s essentially croissant … Continued

Gin & Tonic Cronuts™

#NationalDoughnutWeek is nearly over (I actually think the last day is today) and I’m running out of time to get the Gin & Tonic Cronuts™ finished in time for it. I know this might seem strange, as some of you may remember that … Continued

Raspberry & Rose Cronuts™

It’s Breakfast Week and what better way to start the day, than with  Raspberry & Rose Cronuts™. Alright, so I’m joking,  there’s nothing healthy about deep fried laminated dough, but they do taste pretty good. By now I’m sure pretty much everyone … Continued