Angela | Patisserie Makes Perfect

Hi, I’m Angela and in 2013, I enrolled on a Patisserie and Confectionery evening course at my local College. I paid the course fees up front and eagerly awaited the beginning of term. I’m ashamed to say I even used it as an excuse to purchase some new stationery.

Sadly, the course didn’t go ahead due to a lack of applicants. So, I returned my new stationery for a full refund and went back to my normal life as a software tester.

Knowing that I enjoy baking, my family and friends brought me a selection of cookery books for Christmas in 2013 to make up for the cancelled cookery course. One book was , a great book for the home baker, the other was , a hefty tome with a shocking pink cover.

I actually received two copies of Patisserie and it was explained to me that, although my course had been cancelled, perhaps I could teach myself ‘The Fundamentals of French Pastry’ at home. It seemed like fate, a higher power was telling me I needed to bake!

I decided that it if I was going to stand a chance of teaching myself patisserie or even attempting to recreate the structure of an evening course, I needed to come up with some way of logging the recipes I’d attempted, and the progress I’d made. So ‘Patisserie Makes Perfect’ was born, a weekly blog showcasing the things I’ve learnt in the kitchen.

I’ve not had any professional training, I’ve attended a couple of truffle making workshops and a Miele Patisserie Course, but I am a self taught cook, without any culinary qualifications or experience of working in professional kitchens (apart from a job as a pot washer when I was 15). So this is an opportunity for you to learn from my mistakes – there’s been a few, the week the choux was too runny, the week the mousse didn’t set and the week I didn’t read the recipe properly!

I attempt recipes of varying degrees of difficulty, and hopefully my experiences teach you that anyone can create patisserie and viennoiserie in their own home. I take inspiration from the books I own, the blogs I follow and the chefs I follow on instagram.

Please get in touch and contact me if you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you all!