Spiced Chocolate Spread

I really like chocolate spread, but I’m not a big fan of Nutella – I know, it’s sacrilege to admit that, but I really don’t get the fuss. My favourite thing about Nutella is the glass you’re left with! So, … Continued

Mint Olive Oil Macarons

These mint olive oil macarons came about because I was reading through William Curley’s book Couture Chocolate and I found a recipe for Rosemary, olive oil ganache. I thought this looked like an interesting recipe and I’d wanted to make … Continued

Rum Mincemeat & Homemade Candied Peel

The 26th November is stir up Sunday, this is the last Sunday of the year before advent starts. On stir up Sunday households would traditionally make their Christmas puddings ready for Christmas Day. There is a strong religious association with … Continued

Blueberry Macarons for Blue Monday

Today is apparently Blue Monday, so we have some blueberry macarons. If you’re anything like me, you’ll instantly think of the New Order song Blue Monday. You would, however be very wrong because Blue Monday is actually a mathematical calculation used … Continued

#ConfectionCollection: Spiced Rum Fudge

This is my last post before Christmas and although you’ve probably made all of your edible gifts by now, this spiced rum fudge is great served with a strong coffee if you’re experiencing a bit of a post-Christmas dinner slump. This … Continued

Salted Caramel Praline Macarons

I love salted caramel, I think it might actually be my favourite food. I’ve used it a LOT on Patisserie Makes Perfect, this is actually the third time I have featured a salted caramel macaron recipe here. I’ve made it into … Continued

#ConfectionCollection: Fleur de Sel Ganache Squares

I wanted to call these truffles as it’s much more catchy than ‘ganache squares’ (lets be honest they’re really cubes) and everyone instantly knows what chocolate truffles are. Sadly, that’s not the done thing and I can really only call them … Continued

#ConfectionCollection: Blackcurrant & Anise Pâte de Fruits

I really enjoy making confectionery and sweetmeats, so I thought, why not have a new section on my blog dedicated to these treats. I bring you the #ConfectionCollection, these are easy recipes that generally require a bit of initial precision and … Continued

Citrus Posset

I’d heard of possets and seen them on restaurant menus, but I never really knew what they were. The name doesn’t really give any clues either. I came across a recipe for a clementine posset on a fabulous blog I follow … Continued

Pistachio Moelleux

After a few bakes that have been pretty labour intensive (Blackcurrant Mousse, Jaffa Cake Entremet), I really fancied making something that looked and tasted delicious, but wasn’t an elaborate 2-3 day process. As much as I love baking all of … Continued

Lemon & Lime Curd

When I was young, lemon and lime curd were two things I hated. The stuff we had in the fridge from the supermarket was more like a toxic goo coloured jelly/jam concoction. So I assumed curds weren’t for me, how … Continued

Florentine Squares

Recipe: Carré Florentin (Florentine Squares) Level: Easy Techniques: Praline, Mixed Peel This is my first update on my new website, and this is the reason for the recent delay in posting. I’ve been designing this site and copying over all of my posts … Continued