Almond Buns

These buns are a delicious hybrid of a chelsea bun and the amazing filling you find in an almond croissant. I love almond croissants and I have made them and almond Danish pastries at home before, but they are not … Continued

Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon buns are absolutely delicious and this recipe is adapted from the ScandiKitchen recipe. I’ve retained all the good stuff, the cinnamon, cardamom and brown sugar but I’ve also added a healthy dose of Guittard chocolate chips to make these … Continued

Salted Caramel Babka

Whilst we’re at home, all of those jobs you’ve always meant to do but never got round to, are suddenly getting completed. The cupboard you’ve been meaning to sort through, the junk in the garage, even the dreaded shed has … Continued


Crumpets, those delicious breakfast or tea-time favourites. I love them toasted, almost burnt and slathered in butter and Marmite. It never occurred to me to bother making my own, they’re so cheap to buy and it seemed like a bit … Continued

Blueberry Brioche

What do you do when your online supermarket sends you a free punnet of blueberries? Well you browse through ALL of your patisserie books until you find a recipe you like, that really makes these little berries shine, like these … Continued


Croissants are iconic, their shape, the flaky pastry and the distinctive layers are what makes them delicious and unique. I’ve made croissants quite a few times on the blog, from wholegrain versions to cronuts, but I always keep coming back to … Continued


Kouign-Amann (pronounced queen amann), is a sugary, buttery pastry from Finistère, Brittany in France. The kouign-amann dates back to 1860 and the literal translation of the Breton words are kouign=cake amann=butter. The recipe resembles a croissant dough, but with less … Continued

Almond Danish Pastries

I love almonds, from marzipan, frangipan, macarons, amaretto and bakewell tart to these almond danish pastries. So many of my favourite recipes and ingredients contain almonds. Although I’ve already made cronuts this week, I thought I would visit viennoiserie again … Continued

Lemon Drizzle Croissants

In the world of patisserie there are a number of hybrid cakes that have popped up over the years, there’s the croissant/doughnut hybrid known as the cronut, the dougnut/muffin a.k.a the duffin, and the cragel, which you’ve guessed it, is … Continued

Butter Croissants

Recipe: Croissant  au beurre Level: Advanced Techniques: Leavened Puff Pastry I’ll be honest, a classic recipe such as croissants was one of the reason I wanted to learn French patisserie. I remember watching a French patissier making them on television,  it looked like … Continued