Raspberry Ganache Cake

I was kindly gifted some delicious Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 69% chocolate from Firetree Chocolate and I knew just what I had to bake with it. This raspberry ganache chocolate cake is rich, indulgent and definitely one for the adults. This … Continued

Amarula Banana Cake

This has been a tough January, more than usual I think and I have to confess that I’ve ‘treated’ myself to the odd tipple at the end of the day to congratulate myself on making it through! Amarula is the … Continued

Coffee & Walnut Financiers

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything on here since May. Despite having more spare time, I’ve found myself concentrating on other things. We’ve been busy working in our garden, going on long dog walks, getting back into jogging, baking … Continued

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

I think these might actually be the best muffins I have ever baked. The batter is rested overnight, which really develops the lemon flavour and they taste just like the muffins you get from coffee shops. They are light and … Continued

Lemon & Lavender Drizzle Cake

I have always wanted to bake with lavender, but I could never easily get my hands on some. So I couldn’t believe my luck when Tariette a new online grocer selling produce sourced directly from small producers in the Haute Provence … Continued

Chocolate Chestnut Squares

I’ve gone back to the book that started off this whole blog, Patisserie: Mastering the Fundamentals of French Pastry. Some of the recipes in Christophe Felder’s books are a little dated now, but I found this recipe for chocolate brownies … Continued

Gin and Tonic Layer Cake

Saturday 10th June is World Gin Day! What better way to celebrate than with that classic drink a gin and tonic. It is one of my absolute favourite drinks, it’s tasty, iconic and something about a gin and tonic feels very … Continued

Ispahan Yoghurt Cakes

Ispahan is one of my favourite flavour combinations, it’s a blend of rose, raspberry and lychee that is attributed to Pierre Herme, he’s even dedicated an entire recipe book to ispahan. It’s so exotic and floral, but at the same … Continued

Elderflower Madeleines

The elderflower season is almost over. The familiar white flowers have nearly all but vanished from the countryside, turning into little green elderberries before ripening into the dark purple fruit. If you’ve been organised and made your own elderflower cordial, you … Continued

Chai Hazelnut Financiers

I’ve fallen in love with chai, ever since I had a delicious masala chai in one of my favourite Indian restaurants. This wasn’t always the case though, my first experience of chai was a chai latte at a well-known coffee chain. It … Continued

Chocolate Banana Bread

  These cakes came about because Lindt sent me a batch of their dark chocolate to try and because I had some bananas that desperately needed using up. I didn’t want to make just another banana bread, I wanted to make … Continued

Marbled Mocha Madeleines

I love a bit of alliteration and these marbled mocha madeleines pretty much named themselves! I wanted a quick bake this weekend, partly so I could test out some new photography equipment I’ve just bought and also because we’re doing … Continued

Strawberry & Pistachio Financiers

What do you do when Ocado send you some free strawberries? Well you could make a fruit salad, eat them with some sugar or make Eton Mess. I decided I’d use these strawberries to make financiers, I love how English strawberries are … Continued

Pistachio Moelleux

After a few bakes that have been pretty labour intensive (Blackcurrant Mousse, Jaffa Cake Entremet), I really fancied making something that looked and tasted delicious, but wasn’t an elaborate 2-3 day process. As much as I love baking all of … Continued

If at First you don’t Succeed…

Madeleines are an iconic French petit-four with a distinctive shell-like shape. Made using a Genoese cake batter and a traditional madeleine pan. Rather naively, I thought madeleines were a basic sponge cake, made using a fancy pan to elevate them from … Continued

Coffee Almond Brownie Bars

Recipe: Brownies Café-Amande (Coffee-Almond Brownie Bars) Level: Easy Techniques: Brownies, Almond Chocolate Coating, Caramelized Hazelnuts After the excitement of Easter, it’s all back to normal. I have returned to the hefty tome that is Patisserie by Christophe Felder. I’ve moved on from Les … Continued