Elderflower Madeleines

The elderflower season is almostĀ over. The familiar white flowers have nearly all but vanished from the countryside, turning into little green elderberries before ripening into the dark purple fruit. If you’ve been organised and made your own elderflower cordial, you … Continued

Marbled Mocha Madeleines

I love a bit of alliteration and these marbled mocha madeleines pretty much named themselves! I wanted a quick bake this weekend, partly so I could test out some new photography equipment I’ve just bought and also because we’re doing … Continued

If at First you don’t Succeed…

Madeleines are an iconicĀ French petit-four with a distinctive shell-like shape. Made using a Genoese cake batter and a traditional madeleine pan. Rather naively, I thought madeleines were a basic sponge cake, made using a fancy pan to elevate them from … Continued