#ConfectionCollection: Spiced Rum Fudge

This is my last post before Christmas and although you’ve probably made all of your edible gifts by now, this spiced rum fudge is great served with a strong coffee if you’re experiencing a bit of a post-Christmas dinner slump. This … Continued

#ConfectionCollection: Fleur de Sel Ganache Squares

I wanted to call these truffles as it’s much more catchy than ‘ganache squares’ (lets be honest they’re really cubes) and everyone instantly knows what chocolate truffles are. Sadly, that’s not the done thing and I can really only call them … Continued

#ConfectionCollection: Blackcurrant & Anise Pâte de Fruits

I really enjoy making confectionery and sweetmeats, so I thought, why not have a new section on my blog dedicated to these treats. I bring you the #ConfectionCollection, these are easy recipes that generally require a bit of initial precision and … Continued