Links | Patisserie Makes PerfectHere’s some links that I find really useful, along with some links to articles and other websites that Patisserie Makes Perfect has featured on.

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Producers/Suppliers etc:

Yeast – I struggled to get hold of fresh yeast, this is some I found online, that has given me great results.

Special Ingredients – The activated charcoal I use and titanium dioxide for mirror glazes can be purchased here. They have a huge host of specialist ingredients at really competitive prices and in smaller quantities for the home cook.

/ – These are the chocolate brands that I like to work with the most. Their chocolate is stable and reliable to work with, as well as tasting fantastic. When you need to temper chocolate, these are such good quality to work with. If you cannot afford this chocolate, then I recommend  or

Sous Chef – A great site for patisserie ingredients that can be hard to find. They also supply items in smaller quantities than most suppliers.

Thermapen UK – These are the best cooking thermometers on the market. Do check out their before purchasing, sometimes they have some great deals.

– Pastry rings are in abundance on at reasonable prices, Lacor is a brand that I like to use.

Useful Resources & Book Recommendations:

Storing Chocolate – Not that chocolate ever sticks around for that long, but these are tips on how to store fresh truffles and chocolates.

 by Christoph Felder, the first patisserie book I owned and still one of my favourites.

and  by William and Suzue Curley

by Edd Kimber
by Julie Jones

A useful guide to use when piping out macarons.

Blogs I follow:

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