Chocolate Viennese Whirls

Chocolate Viennese Whirls | Patisserie Makes Perfect

Despite the name Chocolate Viennese Whirls, there’s nothing remotely Austrian about these biscuits. It’s also quite interesting that no one seems to have taken responsibility for creating them. Traditionally they are made with a vanilla biscuit and sandwiched together with jam and vanilla buttercream.

Mr Kipling has become synonymous with Viennese Whirls. Generally people don’t make their own when you can buy pretty tasty ones for such a tiny amount of money. However like nearly everything, they taste so much better when they’re home made.

I had no intention of ever making Viennese Whirls, they weren’t even really on my radar. Then about a week ago, I had a total ‘fangirl’ moment, when not one but two of my favourite Patissier-Chocolatiers William & Suzue Curley, both followed me, (ahem yes me) on twitter.

As if that wasn’t enough to nearly make my head explode, Suzue then replied to one of my tweets, where I asked for ways to use up cacao nibs. She very kindly offered me a copy of their book Couture Chocolate for free as it featured a number of recipes using them.

When my signed copy arrived, I baked something from it that day! I didn’t have all of the necessary ingredients to make any of the cacao nib recipes. I did have everything to make these Chocolate Viennese Whirls (in the book they’re referred to as ‘chocolate rosettes’), if I adapted the recipe for the ganache filling. The original recipe used a cinnamon ganache, I changed this to a hazelnut ganache, made using Amedei Toscano Nut Brown Gianduja mixed with double cream and butter.

These are so simple to make, you should definitely give these a try over the summer holidays if you want a tasty stress-free bake.

Chocolate Viennese Whirls | Patisserie Makes Perfect

I baked these Chocolate Viennese Whirls, using a fantastic baking tray sent to me by Utensa Ltd, they’re a British Bakeware manufacturer. It’s so lightweight, but produces a really even bake. I personally hate really heavy baking trays and pans as they end up hurting my wrists, this one was great.

They also sent me an equally fantastic cake tin, I used it to bake a fabulous chocolate cake! However I was too impatient with the cake, I cut it in half while it was still warm. When I tried to separate the two halves the top layer split in three and no amount of butter cream repairing could patch it back together.

Safe to say that one won’t be on the blog, not because I don’t want you to see my failures, but because it was actually such a mess, I didn’t really think anyone could learn anything from my posting, except to maybe have more patience!

Chocolate Viennese Whirls | Patisserie Makes Perfect

Chocolate Viennese Whirls | Patisserie Makes Perfect


Adapted from Couture Chocolate by William & Suzue Curley
A recipe for crumbly chocolate biscuits, sandwiched together with a rich Gianduja ganache.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Course Biscuit
Cuisine English
Servings 14


  • 170 g Plain Flour sifted
  • 10 g Cocoa Powder sifted
  • 160 g Unsalted Butter softened
  • 65 g Icing Sugar sifted
  • 30 ml Milk
  • <strong>HAZELNUT GANACHE</strong>
  • 150 ml Whipping Cream
  • 125 g <a href="">Amedei Toscano Nut Brown Gianduja</a> chopped
  • 12 g Unsalted Butter diced and at room temperature


  • First make the ganache, so that it has time to cool. Place the chopped chocolate into a bowl large enough to fit the chocolate and cream. Bring the cream to the boil in a saucepan, remove from the heat and allow the bubbling to stop, so that you don't risk scorching the chocolate.
  • Pour the cream onto the chocolate and stir until it's melted and evenly mixed.
  • Add the butter and stir until all of the butter has melted.
  • Cover the ganache with clingfilm, making sure it touches the surface, so that you don't get any condensation. Place in the fridge to cool. You don't want the ganache to set hard, just be firm enough to pipe or dollop.
  • Preheat the oven to 160C Fan/180C/350F/Gas 4, line two baking trays with greaseproof paper or use a silicone baking mat.
  • Put the butter into the bowl of a food mixer and beat until it's soft. Add the icing sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in the milk and then mix in the flour and cocoa powder.
  • Spoon the mixture into a piping bag fitted with a 10mm star piping tip. On the prepared baking tray, pipe the dough into 28 3.5cm circles. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes.
  • Leave to cool and then sandwich two biscuits together with the hazelnut ganache, you can use the same piping tip as you used to pipe the biscuits, or you can just spread the ganache with a spoon.
  • Store in an airtight container, the biscuits will keep for about 5 days.

Chocolate Viennese Whirls | Patisserie Makes Perfect

Thanks for reading and don’t forget there’s still time to enter my competition to win a matcha tea set. I’m off to go and read my autographed book some more!


I was sent three baking trays by Utensa Ltd to try and review fairly. All views are my own and I was not paid for this post.

I’ve added these to Fabulous Foodie Friday.

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  1. Sunishta Arora

    Hi, I was thinking of making some Viennese whirls for myself as I have to make it at school for my food lesson. In the lesson, you’re not allowed to have any types of nuts (including coconuts) as some people are severely allergic and can’t have it or be near it. Would you know any alternatives you could have for the hazelnut? If so that would be amazing!

  2. Nicole

    I absolutely fell in love with Viennese Whirls when I vacationed in Ireland, and could not find them ANYWHERE in the US, it was about the saddest thing ever. So I ended up making my own which were about 89% as good as the ones I had in Ireland! But now I have to try these chocolate ones because…YUM!

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Ah Nicole – it’s so cruel when you try food on holiday and you can’t get it back home. I’m so pleased you like this chocolate version, they are really tasty.

      If you make them, let me know how it goes and thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog. Angela x

  3. LouG

    I’ve just made these. They look beautiful but aren’t as chocolatey as I’d hoped. I think more cocoa is required.
    Also, there was way too much ganache and although it piped straight from the fridge, it hasn’t kept it’s shape and is now oozing out.

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Hi Lou, I’m really pleased that you made something of mine, but I’m sorry you weren’t happy with the results. The amount of cocoa is just down to personal taste. The majority of the chocolate flavour should come from the ganache, but feel free to add more if you want, adjusting the flour where necessary. I haven’t played around with the amount of cocoa, so I can’t say how it would affect the final bake.

      There shouldn’t be too much ganache as you can fill the biscuits with quite a lot when it is pretty firm. It seems that the ganache was still too soft/wet it should be quite firm to pipe and cool, as thick as whipped cream or for a spoon to stand in it, but not as hard as for hand rolling.

      Can I ask what chocolate you used to make these and how long you left the ganache in the fridge?

      Thanks very much for taking the time to comment and letting me know how you got on.

  4. Colleen Cusworth

    Now this is very dangerous! I have bed led here by Kim and think I may never leave – all these amazing things to try!

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Hello Colleen, Kim is a very kind guinea pig of mine 🙂 I hope you like the blog, it’s lovely of her to share it around for me! Do you do a lot of baking?

      • Colleen Cusworth

        Hey. I do some baking, but evidently more baking than responding to messages 😉
        Eager to do more baking though so will be picking up tips or maybe just salivating at pictures here…

  5. Jodie Dodd

    Omg, Angela, how exciting! I’m so thrilled that you’re being recognized, it says a lot about your passion for baking! And these whirls are just so lovely! I really like the swirl of the ganache against the rose pattern. They look quite delicious too! xo

  6. Alex Go

    I’ve just discovered you and Oh My God! Your recipes are amazing! I have a couple of questions on this one. What’s a suitable high street alternative to the chocolate you used? Also, the bakeware people don’t seem to supply to the general public? I’m very interested in a light baking tray. I used silicone in the past with disappointing results. Thanks 🙂

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Hi Alex, Thank you very much for your lovely comments. I’m so pleased you like my blog! I had no idea that Utensa didn’t supply to the public – they contacted me via twitter, so I assumed they were available to the public. You can get their baking trays on Amazon. I do however recommend Lakeland baking trays, they’re really good and they don’t warp.

      If you wanted to make the filling, you could use a milk chocolate instead (Green & Blacks and Lindt are good brands). Or Waitrose make a hazelnut truffle chocolate, that you could use in place of the Amedei Gianduja The last option, which I’m sure will work really well is this Nutella ganache

      Any other questions let me know, or drop me an email

      • Alex Go

        Thank you so much! I will most definitely try these over the weekend! I have an office full of people ready to be my guinea piggies 😀

  7. PatisserieMakesPerfect

    Ha, I agree about the Fondant Fancies, my favourites are the pink ones 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comments Lou. Hope France was wonderful, I loved the pictures. x

  8. Pearl - Pretty Mayhem

    These cookies almost look too pretty to eat! Almost – I’d totally eat the entire pile if they were in front of me right now 😉 Thanks for sharing the recipe x

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Thank you Pearl! Stopping at one, is pretty tough, these are tasty. You have some delicious dishes on your site too. Thanks for taking the time to comment. x

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Thank you so much! I do like cinnamon, but I think it really can overpower stuff sometimes or make it taste too much like Christmas!

      Glad you like the look of these cookies, they’re really delicious. x

  9. Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    WOW!! Your recipes are always so gorgeous!! I am definitely making a batch of these. Mmmm and chocolate anything is always the best! Have a great weekend and thanks for linking up with our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party!! xx

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Thank you so much Lucy! I’m so pleased I’ve stayed in your memory with my bakes 🙂 Thanks for hosting Fabulous Foodie Fridays and thanks for commenting. xx

  10. Beeta @ Mon Petit Four

    Wow these cookies look beautiful, Angela. You have such a magnificent way of executing your desserts so perfectly…it’s honestly as though a seasoned pastry chef with years and years of high-end pastry work has created all these gorgeous sweets, including these perfectly swirled and filled cookies. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that you used a star tip to give the cookies a swirl..makes them look like cookies fit for a fancy gathering <3

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Thank you Beeta! You’re too kind, I was really lucky with these whirls, they truly are very easy. I want all my biscuits to look this pretty now! 🙂

      Thanks again and have a fantastic weeekend.

  11. Rebecca Goodman

    These look so good I love the texture of a Viennese whirl and these look perfect. I’ve never attempted to make them before maybe I will have a go.

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Thank you Rebecca. I’d never made them before and they were much easier than I thought they would be. You have to really squeeze the piping bag! Thanks for the lovely comments. x

  12. PatisserieMakesPerfect

    Sammie, thank you so much for coming and taking the time to comment. I’m pleased you found me on twitter and I’m glad you like the Chocolate Viennese Whirls.

    I am so pleased that they sent me a copy of their book, I hope that you can learn lots of my blog and if you try anything, let me know.

    • patisseriemakesperfect

      Thanks so much Hannah. I’m glad you like them. The hazelnut ganache is amazing, I had to stop myself eating the chocolate!

      Thank you for pinning and yumming. x

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      Thanks so much Hannah. If you like hazelnuts and chocolate you should try gianduja (if you haven’t already). It’s really delicious, you can get it in spread and in bar form. I love the stuff!

  13. Lucy Parissi

    Gorgeous whirls Angela – and gorgeous photos ; ) They have so much more impact used vertical. The one used in the recipe bit is my fave. I have yummed them – or is it yummlied? In any case I wish I could eat some.

    • PatisserieMakesPerfect

      You’re right, shot vertically they do look much better. I like the one in the recipe too, but for some reason, used large, it just didn’t work for me.

      Thanks for yumming, yummlying or whatever the word is! They taste so delicious and I love that you could use pretty much any filling you want.

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