Easter Eggs and Chocolates + How to Temper Chocolate

This blog post doesn’t really contain a recipe as such, it’s more a lesson in how to temper chocolate so that you can create your own Easter eggs and filled chocolates. I’ll start by saying you nearly always need more … Continued

Iced Coffee Soufflé and a visit to Le Cordon Bleu London

Back in March, I realised one of the dreams I’ve had since I started this blog. I got to visit Le Cordon Bleu London and attend an evening of cookery hosted there in collaboration with Lavazza and Great Italian Chefs. … Continued

Macarons & Madeleines

Since beginning this blog, I have discovered a plethora of suppliers and resources that exist online, for a list of sites I recommend, have a look at my links page. One of the sites that stands out is Sous Chef, this is my go to site … Continued